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Why we are here?

There are four questions we need to put, as a practice.

a. Who Am I?

b. Where did I come from?

c. When I will go back?

d. Why I am here?

So when I say, Why I am here , there is no specific purpose. The purpose is beyond our comprehension. Because one who has sent is beyond imagination. We have been sent by certain energy, call it God, call it Parabrahma. And we don’t know, what is the purpose. But one rule is truth, without purpose there is no action. Kushal has got a purpose, Guruji has got a purpose, X has got a purpose. Everything has a purpose only. When the purpose is served, that object will be removed from the space and again will be sent in a different form. So each one in different forms, will be asked to do certain kinds of karmas. It’s going in an automatic cycle.

So if I ask myself, what is the purpose of my coming, just to spend time. But in spending time, there are certain techniques of living, —

“Satarathi- tarathi”– this is a statement I always believe and thrive on.

You need to be happy and you need to bring happiness to the people , and to places, trees, the animals , basically everything around you in general. You need to be enlightened and you need to enlighten everything around you. So you need to be happy as a long as you are on the earth, planet. Keep yourself busy. Because when you don’t do anything, your mind will ponder upon, About commenting on others, or why I’m like this, what may be happening in future, all these things , end result is dukha, or depression. So I need to keep my mind busy. So do some actions, but every action you must enjoy, what you are doing.


Look at a child, they do something, for us it is meaningless. They hold a paper and throw a piece, they blow it , it flies in the air, and they get so much joy! For us it is nothing. So the purpose is that from a smallest possible possibility, you try to get joy. If there is nothing that is giving joy to you, at least be happy that you are breathing , so that you still have a chance to find out the answer to –“Why you are here?”. Still you have a chance to find out!!

And once you find out, there are only two possibilities, either you leave this place or you will enjoy every moment in your life. So people put this question in despair, why I am I this samsara, why I have to be here? That leads you to depression. When everything is alright, also, same question we need to put, “Why I am here?”

As I always tell, in Osho’s books, Osho visited this planet between such and such years. So we are all visitors. So when you go on vacation, what will you do? You will, Enjoy!! But some people get stressed up during that small time they want to see this, that, visit temples, visit relatives, and finally in the name of vacation , they get more stressed up, rather than normal time. That’s not the purpose of vacation. Vacation is just relax. Same ways, life is like a vacation, treat is as a vacation, relax, and then enjoy till your last breath.

Don’t try to become something, accept yourself. Don’t try to change the world, accept the world as it is! That’s it! Live happily. Like the swamiji in Boston, Be Happy, that’s the mantram! That’s it, be happy. Because I don’t know what is intended for me, as long as I was having the desire of constructing an ashram, there was frustration in me. I need to accept that. There was struggle in me, but once I left it, there is relief in me. So these ups and downs will be there but the bottom line is how I can be happy by myself? May be that’s a supplemental questionwhich will help you to give you the answer to the question “ Why I am here?”