Sri Guru Karunamaya has been practising and teaching Srividya for the last 40 years.

Srividya Saadhakas Experiences

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A Family’s Harmony Restored

My daughter’s life was shattered after her husband absconded leaving the family including the children behind. Recently Guruji was performing a special pooja at Manasa Devi Temple and asked those who needed a remedy for kaala sarpa dosha. I requested Guruji to do special pooja for us. Miraculously, my son-in-law returned after just 2 days and they are now together as a happily married couple. I am really grateful to the Goddess who has showered so much happiness on me. I will remain indebted to Guruji for the rest of my life. I request everyone to have complete faith in the Goddess and Guruji and surrender completely and everything will be taken care of”.

A Member of Soundarya Lahari
An Experience of Transformation that Srividya Brings

“In my lifetime I have been through hundreds of new moons, with scarcely any attention paid to them on my part barring the occasional instance when I was instructed by family elders not to undertake any new project during that time. The tradition followed was to wait for the waxing moon that followed the new moon day. This year was special. Guru Karunamaya sent a short and succinct message on the importance of sadhana on Maha Shivarathri, the darkest new moon of the year, a message which had a very practical import on a strong foundation of spirituality. The instruction was fairly straightforward and could be followed even by a novice such as myself. There was something about Guruji’s message that resonated deeply and it was one that made me want to follow with the greatest devotion and surrender. For this sadhana one needed a Shiva Lingam, 3 bilva leaves and one’s devotion. In this respect, Lord Shiva is an easy God to please. A Lingam, three leaves and some holy water were well within my reach. A vital piece of the worship on this day was listening to or chanting the Rudram, a Vedic hymn to Lord Shiva which I had never previously heard. I proceeded to listen to it on YouTube. Just as I was getting into the flow, a fast-paced rhythmic chant that would leave all but the most experienced breathless if one were to audibly chant, ads popped up and took me from the spiritual ladder to a material one. Using YouTube was quickly ruled out for me. With just hours to go, I had no realistic chance of chanting it. The preferred rendition that Guruji prescribed is by Hari Achyutha Rama Sastry, who sadly has passed on. I stumbled on a recording that I download. But he lives on in my heart through his chants that so uplifted me and inspired me on Shivarathri. After listening to it just once, one would realise why. The chanting was at a very high cadence, seemed almost impossible that anyone could do it and yet enunciate every word clearly. ”

“I did not have a Shiva Lingam that I had previously worshipped. So I proceeded to look for a suitable alternative in a rock garden that we have in our home. I found a perfectly shaped rock, perhaps smoothed and shaped into an oblong rock form over years on a riverbed somewhere. Perhaps it had rough edges that may have been razor sharp at one time. I wished to offer up my own mind for similar treatment in the sadhana I was about to commence. Thinking in my mind that all rivers are related to Mother Ganges, I picked up the rock which had a greenish-yellow hue. Given its shape, it would not stand upright in a bowl I had picked out as the base or the yoni. I asked my children if I could use some of their “Play-Doh”, a non-toxic putty that kids use to create various shapes. They picked out their favourite colour and I installed the Lingam. Indirectly they got involved in the sadhana I was about to begin. Seeing an unusual use for their play putty, they were intrigued. They asked me what I was doing and when I explained what I was up to, I got a lot of “oohs and aahs” from them. A seed was planted. Perhaps when they are older, that would hopefully trigger something in them and get them on a spiritual path, on which I found a “home”. For the leaves, I picked three from a fern tree that we grow in a planter in which some of our pet tortoises live. That plant is a favourite food for them and I figured, as the Lord is both in the plant and the tortoise, divine purity would be there.”

“Eleven cycles of the Rudram was the sadhana. I started in earnest at 6 pm, not knowing how long it would take. I was supposed to finish the sadhana at midnight. After the first few cycles, my body started to experience stillness rather effortlessly. I had not had any formal instruction on how to do an abhishekam to the Lingam. I did it in my own way which was to chant Om Namah Shivaya 16 times. My voice took a life of its own during that, building up to a crescendo and was so full and loud that my whole body vibrated with that mantra. After a few more cycles, I felt as if my body had turned into a Shiva Lingam. The head, neck and trunk felt like the Lingam and the legs and pelvis were like the yoni. My eyes, nose and mouth became the three horizontal stripes. This stillness came and went, each time it did, my awareness of everything was intact. In between, I would gaze at the lamp I had lit. The flame which resembled the shape of a Lingam was seen within when I closed my eyes. It felt as if I was looking out through the Lingam at the world. Close to midnight, I felt pressure at the back of my head where it joins the neck. Along with that, there was a sensation of something opening up in the middle of my forehead. Just as one would open a bag by pulling on the two edges that are brought together, the feeling was replicated in my forehead and inside was emptiness. That brought a feeling of great bliss within. And finally, the 11th round of chanting ended just around midnight. The sadhana was complete. It felt like something of the old was removed and there was a freshness in my being. Just like the children’s play putty that could be moulded into any shape, this new being within appeared ready to be shaped.” One little milestone in a journey with no end. With deep gratitude to Guruji for giving us this sadhana.

A Humble Saadhak
How My Family was United Through Srividya

“I have performed Ganapathi Tarpanam for 40 days. After the 28th day of Laghu Sree Chakra Pooja in the house, huge changes have happened within my family. Both my children and my wife are performing poojas every day. Earlier they used to sleep in till 7 am. Now by 5am either vishnu sahasranamam or lalitha sahasranamam are being chanted by all of us. I am the happiest person in the world now”.

A Member of Soundarya Lahari
Complex Problems Solved Through Srividya

“Thank you very much, Guruji for guiding us on the importance of Surya (sun) worship, mantra & also taking time the recording those mantras 12 times for us to listen. When I was listening while looking at the script I could feel a strong positive vibration within myself. We are blessed to have your guidance. From the time I connected with you, many good things have happened & highly complex problems have been resolved”.

Nimalan, Sydney, Australia
Recovered from a Stroke

“I would like to share my experience during mathangi navaratri. Last year on Jan 19, I was admitted to the hospital due to a severe brain stroke. And by the divine mother’s and Guruji’s grace, I came out of that trauma unscathed. At that time it was matangi navaratri. I was totally bedridden and my mouth was paralysed. I wasn’t in a position to read or do pooja. but I strongly believe in our Guruji’s taking words. Using that as inspiration, I completed the required prayers during matangi navatri by mentally recollecting the energy while sitting in a chair. To my wonder, I started talking after the completion of navaratri. I completely surrendered to my Guruji”.

A Spiritual Remedy Results in Conception

“In Hyderabad, there was a Sree Meru Pranapratisha Mahotsavam. I was there on that day along with my mother & my grandmother. My grandmother’s son and his wife had been trying to have children with no success for 5 years back. For their benefit, you performed a Dhanyadhivasa puja for Sree Merus and told us to place some wheat from that puja as an offering in our puja room, and we will be blessed with Divine Mother’s grace. My grandmother placed it in her puja room as prasadam, My aunty is now 7 months pregnant and doing very well. I am deeply grateful to you”

Nimalan, Sydney, Australia
Energy and Positive Attitude in the Srividya Way

“Ever since I met Guruji my life has taken a 180-degree turn. I can do things with more concentration. I approach others with more patience. I am loving my positive attitude, it is making me more energetic. I am less prone to negativity. I am not asking God for any desires or issues in my life. Just leaving it to Divine Mother’s will. I know she will take care of everything. I was very impulsive and used to take very quick decisions, responding without much thought to situations. Now I am observing that I talk to myself or the Divine Goddess about whether what I am doing is right or wrong before I speak out. This is all after I met Guruji. Before him my life was disturbed, I felt lost. He showed me a way to answer so many of my inner questions and cleared my confusion and ignorance. I don’t have to ask him for anything as his sathsangs have all the answers or thinking about him gives me answers. I still have more to learn. I know I will reach there. For now, I feel very blessed”.

Sangeeta, Detroit, USA
A Loving and Compassionate Teacher

“My experiences from attending the classes for last three days & learning from you have been absolutely fantastic. One can never forget your compassionate gesture of kindness and unconditional love. Like a loving mother, you continued teaching us all, answering all of our queries no matter how many times, until we got it right. Irrespective of being troubled with a bad cough never once did you mention the discomfort. Ever enthusiastic in teaching, making things simple which seemed difficult at the beginning with your loving assurances? Heartfelt thank you!! Guruji. Please bless us that we practice everything that was taught to us with the same zeal & enthusiasm with which it was taught”.

Soumya, Bangalore, India
A Workplace Miracle

“I am an ordinary person. I wish to share my experience on the impact of a mantra given by Guruji. Some time back I started working from home for a US-based company. Without any money/caste/business/ educational qualifications/ religious background and with the support of the mantra given by Guruji, I was able to meet the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and had a 1-to-1 with him. My salutations to the mantra & Guruji for giving me initiation. Let’s do our chanting & both Guruji and the Divine Mother will ensure our progress. Thank you, Guruji & I am indebted lifelong to you. Here is a picture of me with the Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh”.

Revathi, Andhra Pradesh, India
The Nectar of Bliss Through Srividya

“I was talking to Guruji one day and I had to admit to him that I always feel very happy, blissful, cheerful, and in love, all the time and none of my issues show any impact on me. I think he said Sree Matreh Namaha and asked me about my Sadhana and what I am doing. I briefly told him about my Sadhana and about one of the meditations which he explained during one of his Pravachana (LS-56-Sree Man Nagara Nayika). He immediately reminded me that it is because of that you feel blissful and happy all the time. During and After the meditation I physically feel the Nectar Flow from the top of the head to the entire body and I can even feel each and every passage of it. The Flow of the Divine Nectar from the pollen is like a waterfall sometimes, anyways it is a beautiful and very divine experience and I feel so lucky that I experience that every day during my Sadhana and I enjoy my Sadhana. The only sad part is because of the wordily commitments I am not able to enjoy it throughout the day. Because of this, even in the midst of all the pressures and issues I have, I smile and enjoy myself all the time. I have forgotten what Sadness is!! Pranams to Guruji and Amma!”

Sujin Abu Dhabi, UAE
A Medical Miracle

“I am an ayurvedic practitioner and I take care of secondary infertility cases. A patient came to me for advise regarding her inability to conceive. She had one ovary removed and two gynaecologists told her she cannot become pregnant as her age was 38. She came with great hope and I initiated her treatment. Three months passed and there was no sign of progress in her treatment. I called Guruji about this case. Guruji gave a mantra and told me to have faith in Amma. After another month of treatment the ultrasound showed no indication of pregnancy and her menstrual cycle was altered. We decided to wait for 2 more weeks and when we repeated the ultrasound, she was pregnant! In another case, a lady who couldn’t conceive for 5 years, started treatment with me and after 5 months of treatment, she was a bit unhappy and wished not to continue the treatment. The very next day, which was rakshabandhan day she called me again and said her urine pregnancy test was positive. It’s our Guru who’s always with us in every hurdle whether personal or professional and Amma’s grace where she will never leave her children alone.”

Dr Kiran Singh, Mumbai