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Why a Japa Mala cannot be worn on the body?

This is in reply to a question on why a Japa Mala cannot be worn on the body.

Basically japa mala is used to enhance the energy.  There are different types of Japa malas, made of Rudraksha, Tulasi, Chandana. All of these have different types of energies. Depending on the mantra which has specific energy based on syllables, this supplemental energy will add to the mantra energy and help the sadhaka to focus more. That is the inherent meaning.

Mantra energy transmission is because of shabda. The Japa Mala’s energy transmission is because of sparshaRupa is in your mind – that is Devi! And Rasa is Ananda. Once the ananda and rasa are there, the Gandha is association which are the thoughts. These thoughts will subside and the mind will come to a calm state. This is the process of japam.

So why you should not wear a japa mala is self-explanatory! When you wear it on your body, it touches your body especially when you are involved in different activities, moving from sattvic to rajasic at least if not tamasic.  All the energies are inherently preserved in the japa mala because of your activities. So when you use that japa mala and leave it on the supplemental energy, it may even pull down the sadhaka. That is why, japa mala is japa malaAbharana mala is Abharana mala.

Some people wear it, but before doing the japam they wash it in milk and water and use it.  Again it’s all a mind game.  If you think the japa mala is supplemental energy, it will work, if you think you don’t need anything then Shat Chakra japam is the highest.  If you don’t have a japa mala in your hand, focus on your chakras, colours and beejaksharas.  You need to move away from the tanmantras.  How will you progress further?

What is upsetting us?

First there is the jnana indriyas and then the karma indriyas, then the tanmantras, then the panchbhutas.  That’s how you transcend.  So that these sabda, sparsa, rupa, rasa, gandha are what we need to overcome.  That is where mantra japam is very powerful when you don’t recite it outside loudly because it produces shabdam. When you move the lips without producing sound, that is medium level power.  If you move the lips without sound and meditate on the mantra, that’s the highest power because there is no shabdam, rupam or sparsha.

With this principle, instead of Japa Mala, I prefer Shat chakra japam which you can learn if you are interested.  That is the highest japam!

Sree Matre Namaha