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Blog  /   September 3, 2018  /  admin

Who is Lord Kubera?

People think Kubera is the God of wealth, however he is the most misunderstood God. Kubera resides in the north direction which is Brihaspati sthaana. The name Kubera means whoever wants to compete with him will be defeated – not only in terms of money but in character, beauty and grace also. Everything is Kubera. For us Kubera represents only money however he stands for character as well. Compared to his character, no one can compete. If he were materialistic only like Angaaraka (Mars) who represents business, he would be on the South side.

Kubera is actually very close to Ishana who is worshipped for Moksha. Angaaraka is close to Nairuthi which is on the South side (Rakshasa moola). In the name of talking, manipulating and handling business we may be doing so many adharmas. Doing this may lead to Rakshasa sthaana. However, when you build your character, grace and knowledge as second to none, this can lead to Moksha sthaana. This is Kubera.

So what is the Kubera yantra? Your body. Your body becomes a Kubera yantra when you have an exceptionally unique character – and this is Sri Vidya.