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What will you get by Worshipping God?

It gives you peace, courage, like you have a bodyguard, holding an AK47! You can sleep nicely, you can go out nicely, boldly even if it is a disturbed area, feeling that I have two bodyguards around. And that bodyguard is the trust in that God!  There is something which will protect me.

Then I need to have a guideline. In as much as you set a guideline for yourself, like you get up early, you read for your exam. If you have guidelines for your children, then why can’t the Universal parent have guidelines for you? Follow the guidelines, it’s safe and is time tested. Again it may be made up of permutations of probability combinations……

If you follow this path, there is a definite chance of at least ninety percent that you will have peace. Sri Vidya gives you strength. Sri Vidya makes you understand the reality in you. Sri Vidya makes you experience both inside and outside as God. And you start worshipping yourself!  At the next stage,

‘Swatmaananda lavibhutha Brahmadhyananda santatih’

How many people feel while eating, even onion pakora, that you are feeding God? We say that God is inside. It is true that God is inside. The God inside me eats, the God inside me speaks, the God inside me shouts. How wonderful you will feel!  That is the force, but as I separate myself from the action, as a first step towards Sri Vidya.

And then taking a bath, taking a shower, doing abhishekam for God, we can sing mantras while taking shower – there is no guarantee that you will come out of bathroom. Make every activity of your daily life as a spiritual activity, a happy activity. You eat, and enjoy the taste.

There was a great lady, she taught me how to drink coffee. She used to call me Subu, as my Guru also called me Subu. She guided me to hold the cup nicely, and drink coffee slowly, think about that great liquid, smell that, touch that and then experience. But I said “Oh my God! That much time I will take for coffee, then I cannot do my puja?” She said, “Tell me what do you get from a puja? Is it peace and happiness? Then coffee also can give you that peace and happiness!” I could not answer her question.

We are missing happiness in the small small daily activities. People are running away to the pujas and to temples finding happiness but you can find happiness in a cup of tea or a coffee!!

Sree Matre Namaha