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Sri Yantra

Meru Sri Yantra

Can We Have A Sri Yantra At Home?

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What is Sri Chakra?
Is it same as Sri Yantra?

Sri Guru Karunamaya answers one of the most frequently asked questions in this video.

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Some of the questions that people frequently ask me are related to Sri Yantra or Sri Yantra. What is Sri Yantra? What are the benefits of worshipping Sri Yantra? If we have Sri Yantra at home, do we have to perform puja daily? Etc.

Sri Yantra is the centralisation of cosmic force in the form of a three-dimensional figure. Yantras are two types – Bhu-prastara and Meru-prastara. Let’s look at Meru-prastara. Meru Sri Yantra has forty-four konas, nine enclosures, and a hundred and two deities, including Ayudha devatas.

The Sri Yantra comes with complete cosmic force when it arrives at your home. Depending on the metals used in the making of the Sri Yantra – panchaloha (a combination of 5 metals), copper or silver, and also on the power of the Upasaka or Guru who performs the Prana-pratishta, Sri Yantra will have the inherent power which lasts for fifty to five hundred years. Whether you worship it or not, its power will protect you by just having it in an auspicious place. But performing a simple puja for fifteen minutes daily will significantly benefit you.

If you can spare fifteen minutes daily, the Sri Yantra will take care of the entire generation in your family.

What is the benefit of worshipping Sri Chakra or Sri Yantra?

Well, we cannot expect to benefit from any spiritual saadhana. Sri Yantra will not come to you unless you are destined to have it.

You may have money and the desire to have one, but before you get one, some doubt may cloud your mind. Someone will say, “Oh, you will have to take Deeksha and follow madi acharam” – hearing this may discourage purchasing the Sri Yantra. Or sometimes, even if you go ahead and get one, a normal instance such as having a slight headache can make you think that it might be the effect of the Sri Yantra that’s causing headaches to you! Even worse, your neighbour may support your assumptions, and you decide to get rid of the Yantra. This is Maya!

If you are getting the Sri Yantra, you are destined to have it due to your past samskaras (past life deeds). To have the Universal Mother in your home in the form of Yantra is more powerful than the Roopa.

Once Sri Yantra comes to you, it establishes harmony in your life – in your relations. Your children will progress well. Depending on your past karmas, there will be no money shortage in your house. When I say money, it is not the amount of cash. It is the amount of joy you are getting from the money. And then Dharmika Chintana, Bhakti, Gyana, and Vairagya will grow in the house where Sri Yantra is — as per Puranas (Markendeya Purana and Brahmanda Purana) looking at the Sri Yantra itself is a blessing in life. Imagine having a Sri Yantra in your house!

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