Sri Vidya Learning Center

What will you learn in Srividya Upasana Basic Course?

  • Initiation into Sri Vidya with all the mantras
  • Learn Navavarana Pooja, a unique method of worshipping the Sri Yantra
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of Vedic Suktams
  • Introduction to the teaching of the Dasa Mahavidya
  • Explore and understand cosmic forces in Sri Yantra and master the technique of worshipping the universal Mother within
  • Learn Chakra Meditation to open up the chakras and Nadi Suddhi
  • Vaag Devatha Nyasam (activation of 8 inner communication centres)
  • Learn to worship the Sri Yantra by invoking 99 Kalas (energies) for peace and prosperity
  • Learn to perform easy Homa (for everyday practice) to balance the forces of nature to bring about universal harmony
  • Empowering yourself with knowledge of spiritual remedies to solve their day-to-day problems
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