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Simple Ritual to Solve Financial Problems

Simple Ritual to Solve Financial Problems

Ilaichi Maala Alankaara Puja

Some of us have severe financial issues in our daily life. One
powerful remedy that can solve our financial problems is “Ilaichi
Maala Alankaara Puja”, performed on Saturdays to Lord Balaji’s
idol. You must perform this puja every Saturday for a year. The
procedure for Ilaichi Maala Alankaara Puja is as follows:

After performing Guru Dhyanam, Ganapathy Dhyanam,
Achamanam, and Pranaayama take 27 cardamoms (ilaichis) in a
plate and put turmeric water to soak the cardamoms (ilaichis) for
about 10/15 seconds.

Insert a white thread into a needle. Take one cardamom at a time,
and pass it through the needle while reciting “Om Namo
Naaraayanaaya” at a slow pace. Repeat this procedure to make a
maala of 27 cardamoms (ilaichis). Once the maala is ready, hold it
with your both hands and recite the following three Slokas.

Balaji Puja to solve financial problems

“Sriyah Kaanthaaya Kalyaana nidhaye nidhayerthinaam sree venkata nivaasaaya sreenivaasaaya mangaLam

Mangalaa saasana parairmadaachaarya purogamai sarvaischa poorvaracharyai sathkruthaayaasthu mangaLam

Sarva MangaLa maangalye sivey sarvaartha saadhike saraNye triyambake devi naaraayaNi namosthuthey”

Place the maala on Lord Balaji’s icon while reciting the last sloka. Remove the old cardamoms (ilaichi) maala the following Saturday and place a new one. Save the old Ilaichi maalas and store them safely in a box. You can add some camphor to preserve the freshness of old maalas. After you have collected 40- 50 maalas, you may perform “Naaraayana Homam” by offering the maalas one by one after dipping them in ghee. We have observed that people performing this puja continuously for a year have found solutions to their financial problems.

A detailed “Naaraayana Laghu Homam” manual is provided on the Srimeru website.