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Panchadasi Khadga Maala Saadhana

Panchadasi Khadga Maala Saadhana

Khadga Maala is an immensely powerful and important maala mantra which invokes Mahaatripurasundari along with all Her avaraṇa devatas.

Not many are aware of the 15 (panchadasi) variations of Khadga Maala sthothra. Proper saadhana of panchadasi Khadga Maala brings peace and prosperity to one’s life. There are fifteen maalas altogether. Five maalas are connected to Sakti, five to Siva and five to the union of Siva–Sakti.

The three sets (Sakti, Siva and union of Siva-Sakti) of 5 maalas consist of the following: 1) Shuddha maala – Normal Khadga maala which we all recite 2) Namontha maala – Every naama ends with poojayaami namaha 3) Swaahaantha maala – Every naama ends with swaahaa 4) TarpaNaantha maala – Every naama ends with tarpayaami namaha 5) Jayaantha maala – Every naama ends with Jaya Jaya.

The panchadasi Khadga Maala is to be recited in a specific schedule starting from the first day after the new moon in the lunar cycle. You can download the complete script, schedule and procedure for reciting the Panchadasi Khadga Maala from Srimeru Website.

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