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How to Increase Intelligence in Children?

Increase Intelligence in Children with a simple Nyasa

Vaagdevata Nyasa

Vaagdevata’s are the eight forms of Saraswati. They are Vasini, Kamesvari, Modini, Vimala, Aruna, Jayini, Sarvesvari, and Kaulini. Vaagdevata Nyasa is a simple yet very powerful way that invokes and activates Vaagdevata energy centres in our body.

You can raise your child’s Intelligence by making them follow this simple Vaagdevata Nyaasa as taught by Guruji. The instructions are given in the video. For best results, help the child to practice the nyaasa at the same time and same place every day. One’s mother can initiate the child into the Vaagdevata mantra provided, the mother has taken deeksha of the mantra from a Guru.

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