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How to Experience God’s Omnipresence

It is very easy to say that God is everywhere, but once you say it, you are committed for that? Let us not say for name sake. You need to observe God in a person who picks your pocket and takes away from your purse all the balance. How do you do that?

That’s where again Lalitha Sahasranama  tells you, who you are, and also reminds you of your true nature.  Rudram also says the same,

‘Taskaranaam patayee  namo namo  vanchate parivanchate…tayurnaam…patayee’

“ Tayurnaam”  – The greatest  thief is Shiva!  Who takes away the life from you, without your knowledge from five sensory, five motor plus one more, from mind (11- Ekadas Rudra). It takes away and makes other people cry.

That is Rudra!

That gives me the knowledge that, when the life itself can be taken away without my knowledge, do I have to worry so much about my wallet? Waah! This is called Prarabadh Karma. You picked up the pocket of someone sometime back, or you cheated someone somewhere. So that pain has to come. Nobody can avoid that. But shall we be thinking about the same incident again and again? If we do, we will incur what is called a Bonus Karma! We don’t need that. And we don’t need to blame anybody for our bonus karma.

Incident is incident, you should always forget. I always remember one incident:

“A group of deer were grazing, a Cheetah comes and takes away the baby. The Mother deer looks up and starts grazing again!  Basically, whatever happened, she moved on…”

Why do you cry if a person doesn’t talk to you properly, doesn’t love you properly as matching to your expectation. That person might be loving, but it is not matching my expectation, that’s the problem!

So It is all pervading, is not enough to say. I need to see and experience That very static and dynamic entity! I would explain this definition in an easy manner. Like for example, a sofa is made up of atoms and molecules. And in any matter there is a bond in its structure. If that bond is disturbed then the static object also can fly. Imagine your life, if all the almirah, sofa, glasses etc are flying! Hence that force which keeps the static as static, may be God.

Now look at another incident. We are all dynamic. If our brain stops working, we will be in coma. And that force which keeps the dynamic entities as dynamic is God! Static as static, dynamic as dynamic and achieve the balance between static and dynamic – that is great and that knowledge is God! I bow my head. I need to bow my head at one point. If there is a short door, you are tall, you cannot say, I never bend my head through the doors. Not all the doors are of the same height. At one point you need to bend. At least in the hair cutting saloon, you need to bend your head. You cannot say that I can never bend my head.  When you can bend your head to the fellow who cuts your hair, why can’t you bend your head to the same fellow who fixes your life! Why do you a question?

One God which is called Life Force, appearing in different Gods called creatures. There is one God in the same way Iyepa, Rahu, Ketu. Even in the Gods we have bad Gods!  That’s the beauty! We call Shaneeshwara as Shani. He is the one actually doing great to you. He filters all the friends and relatives for you. Who is really a friend to you, he will filter. And he is the one who drives you to Saneeshwara temple, because of the problems. He is the real Guru Saneeshwara! Unfortunately, we are scared of some bad Gods. That’s why I say, we are all thinking that we are spiritual. Suppose I say, there is a temple and if you go there you will lose your job, will you go there? But God is there definitely. The svambhu temple, God came there on its own, thousand years back, but anybody who goes there will lose their job. The one who goes is the real spiritual person!

God is God! It’s my Mother, it’s my Father, He is my soul. I don’t care if I lose my job, or lose my life!! Then you can see the miracle that happens. You will get promotion! And of course, after that everybody will come to the temple. But who makes the first Lead? You should be that! You should start that era!

That’s why my Guru used to say, “Recite, ‘Shukla bardhanaam……’ that’s fine but don’t copy always. These are written by somebody, create your own prayer, a new stotra. It should come from within. When you create a new ashtotram it’s good for kaliyuga, you can see God in it. Unfortunately we are fixed it to the particular ashtotras, and forgot our own Gods, in our own family. Everybody is God! Try to implement that in true spirit, trust me you will have a different life all together. I am not saying from the books, I follow it or at least try to follow it!