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Blog  /   September 3, 2018  /  admin

How To Experience Divine Mother  

Formless Entity can easily be experienced by emotion which is beyond the mundane reactions, Like  “Rasovai-saha”. It cannot be described, a state of awareness, where you are in continuous union with that energy, a state of awareness. There is not even a flow or a transaction, or a time, or a distance. And that can happen only within!

We need to start from within, like in the Banyan tree, the whole power is studded in its seed, which is not more than a mustard seed. The whole cosmic energy is also studded in Aroon-   Paramanoo – Paramatma, both are same.

If I want to visualize Paramatma in Universe, I need to try to see Paramatma in the atom first. In every cell I need to experience the Universal Mother. I am a worshipper of Mother, so I call that energy as Mother, If anyone worships Shiva, they can call Him Father. This experience is beyond gender!